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The Blood-Borne Series

A midnight bloom, vampire romance, paranormal romance
A Midnight Bloom

ISBN-13: 978-0615989785

Vampires have a dirty little secret – their children are among us. Many Vampire-human hybrids are just as powerful as their fathers, and they are being hunted for the very blood that runs through their veins. Brianna is the daughter of one of the oldest and most powerful Vampires in history, but she is as oblivious to who he is as she is that Vampires even exist. But when Cameron Burke is sent to bring her to safety, Brianna is forced into a world she doesn't understand or why they believe she is more than just a housewife. Cameron must find a way to convince Brianna of what she is and accept her abilities otherwise she could end up like so many others of her kind, dead and drained.

A Blinding Winter

ISBN-13: 978-0692388327

Not everyone gets a happy ending. After finding love and surviving a brutal Vampire attack, Brianna Morgan thought hers had finally come. But when she discovers she’s expecting, Brianna’s blind-sided by Cameron’s callous behavior and never imagined she would find herself seeking protection from Elaina with another man. In the midst of winter, Brianna faces losing everyone she’s ever loved and the family she’s always wanted if she can’t see the enemy among them.

A Bleeding Ground

ISBN-13: 978-0692685143

Can love truly endure all things? Brianna Morgan believed she could live her life without fear. Only she would have to live that life as the monster she never wanted to be - a Vampire. Struggling to cope with what she is, Cameron can't find the courage to tell Brianna why their children are more Vampire than human. With the threat to the Burke twins still very real, Brianna and Cameron must face their biggest obstacle of their immortal lives. But can the mind forget what the heart can't forgive?

Fire_in_Blood_draft pic.png.jpg
Of Blood & Fire

ISBN-13: 978-069219964

How does it feel to live in a lie? Beckett Dawes was barely making it through community college and still lived with his parents. He never felt completely comfortable in his life, there was always a yearning for something more, although he could never find his way. Today was like every other day in Beckett’s life, until a quiet girl from one of his classes said, “I know what you are, do you?” Never did he imagine those few words would cause his world to come crashing down around him. His entire life was a lie, and the monsters he thought were only in movies were real, very real. Natasha Cushlin had one dream - to become a Warrior. Her training was the only reason she noticed the two men following the boy in the library. Who knew that a simple act would cause her to question everything in her life. Could she give up everything she wanted just to be loved?


Heart of Betrayal v4_kindle.jpg
Heart of Betrayal

ISBN-13: 978-1-7371931-0-4

Can one live on denial alone? Olivia Burke never wanted to be a part of the Warrior coven, and yet no matter how far she runs, she is always drawn back to those she loves. Just when she believes she’s figured out her future, a simple visit home exposes the lies she’s been telling herself, and a betrayal so deep it may not be worth keeping the family secrets a moment longer.

Even after she broke his heart, Will Ryan simply cannot let go of Olivia. He knows they are meant to be together, but his dream of becoming a Warrior will keep them apart. Could he give up becoming what he’s meant to be for even one more chance to love her?


A Blade's Edge.jpg
A Blade's Edge

ISBN-13: 978-1-7371931-1-1

The deepest scars can’t be seen. After the attack at the Warrior manor, Olivia refused to return to her childhood home and everything associated with that life. However, no matter how far she runs, trouble seems to follow and she must decide whether she'll continue to hide, or be brave enough to accept the power of the Warrior blood that runs through her veins.
After becoming a Warrior, Will thought his new life was finally going to begin and he would be free of Olivia Burke. But soon enough, Will realizes his dream is nothing like reality, and he quickly finds himself falling back into old habits that might very well be his demise.


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